Reply To: 1st day of NARSOL conference, Friday night banquet great


Sandy you are right and so is Fred. We are not suppose to judge others but we all do know right from wrong I’m sure. Now I’m not against Maestro as he has the right to say what he wants wheather right or wrong. Of course bringing up gay rights was a bit out of place in my view since NARSOL is envisioning fact based sex offender laws to promote safety and change sex regristy punishments and encounters.

Believe it or not you are right about biblically and unbiblically. I even wonder myself why I ever got involved with the sex offender issue. or why many of us wanted to get ensnared in all this. If people can figure it all out than we don’t need any type of reliigon or principals. I’m even supprised that we all get duped up in all this I guess thats the way civil rights go to protect one. for public safety.

I asked my PO about public safety and I said well when can you predict the next gun shooting in a school and he said we dont’ want to go their. Sandy all I am saying is to take the negative and make it a positive. Sure I hate these laws just as well as anybody else. Now NARSOL is doing good and they are also thinking about others which is good. I believe its time for me to tell my story of how and why I got mixed up in the registry.