Reply To: In Pennsylvania, teens + poor judgment = a criminal record


I have long been advocating national resistance to the registry. See, the thing is that you need participation on a large scale. Typically, what happens is everyone shouts and clamors and says they’re in, but when it comes time everyone is too afraid for their own skins and slinks away, leaving the few brave souls to fall on their swords.

I have also repeatedly suggested filling out complaint forms to the UN High Commissioner On Human Rights. There are 800k+ of us on a registry. If *that* doesn’t constitute a pogrom or class maltreatment, than I don’t know what does. Even if they UN can do nothing, the sheer embarrassment of having it brought up in front of the council might be enough to rock the heels of the government. At any rate, it is a good step forward that costs N.O.T.H.I.N.G!

Speaking of which, what cases is NARSOL currently fighting? I don’t really see a list, or any progress reports. Soon the gubbamint’s motion to dismiss the procedure against the IML will be decided upon. This is important to me. I don’t plan to surrender my passport, but if we cannot get anything rolling soon, I do intend to move to Europe, either through relocation or asking for asylum. Since 95% of the European countries do not have such lists and the requirements under them are illegal and against human rights, I think I might have a good chance at either.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. I feel for you folks with the overstamped ID/DL issue. For my fellow veterans,all you need to do to get your discount is produce a DD-214, VFW membership card or VA ID. I didn’t spill blood (mine and others’) for my country to treat me like this!