Reply To: 1st day of NARSOL conference, Friday night banquet great


Excuse me for sounding off a bit but positive results get positive reactions and I really hope everyone came from the conferrence refreshed in some way. While all this sex registry battle is a scarlet letter one can look at it as bad boys going bad or those getting conned into a lot of this by those in authority that think they are someone.

Myself I am nobody and I do not want to be a maestro which is anothor name for a conductor or leader or one that seems to have all the right answers to sway others. I am sure some on here feel that way also but are afraid to speak out. What if we could all end a lot of this by the end of the year. Yes that would make a lot of people happy. Didn’t the gay rights thing make a lot happy. What we should do is stick with one topic. The gay rights issue has nothing to do with this as that is first unblibical and a different lifestyle. NARSOL is to help the sex offender and promote change in the registry laws and use rational methods that are biblical.

So someone needs to apologize to Fred and Sandy for being a bit callous in their actions. Comments are good but when they go to far than it is like overloading his brain cell so we all strive in this ordeal to understand, and Barb I liked your good comment about the conference in Ohio as progress is always good.