Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


Hello Everyone,

The General Assemvly has to show that ACT 10 scaled back the punitive nature of SORNA. They cannot do this if they start passing more restrictive provisions.
They would be hard press to show there is a public safety issue considering Megan’s Law been around for over 20 years.

They know the registry is in its death throes and they are trying to throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Courts hoping they will delay the death of the registry just one more day.
The Pa Supreme Court has every chance to maintain the status quo in regards to the registry and they choose not to.
Remember after the Pa Gerrymandering decision was handed down, the General assembly started impeachment proceedings against the judges that overturned their congressional map. This was until the Republican Leadership realized there would be a huge backlash at the polls if they allowed it. You can’t fire judges just because you hate their decision.

It goes beyond the “smell test” Everyone believes that sex offenders are single without a family.,If sex offenders can’t procide for their family, they wouldn’t be able to be productive citizens.
This bill is not about passing it. It is about getting an article in the newspaper about it so the general public thinks they are “fixing the problem”.
There are a few people that get so mad when they see me going about my day. They think I shouldn’t be allowed in public by myself. I laugh because I have moved on and they can’t let go of what they think the past was.

Two more years to register and then just wait for my letter of freedom. I know a lifer that was just realized from the registry because of the recent court decisions. He was able to re interview st s place that turned him down simply because they didn’t want their address on the registry. He got the job this time around. Things are getting better, we just have to be patient and ignore the noise. I know it stinks when they tell you we are going to take away your job and house. However, that would be the WORSE thing they could do.

On a cheerier note, ACT 10 challenges are starting to be filed. Megan’s Law never made the public “safer”. You know how I know? Because if it did, they would of plastered every tv and computer screen in America with the evidence that they were right.
They want people to get angry and lose their cool. Perhaps then they will reoffend. Lein said a Capitslist would sell you the rope you plan on using to hang him with. Let them hang themselves. When they are on tv crying about how the court took away a vital public safety tool, they will have no one but themselves to blame because they kept pushing and pushing to make the registry more and more restrictive.

Remember they thought they could increase our time on the registry with SORNA. Took 5 years, but we found out they were DEAD WRONG. They were SO CONFIDENT they were right when I called them back in 2012 when I first got the letter. I had a friend you went from having less than 1 week left to being a lifer. Just like that. Like I said, it took 5 years but he got the last laugh.
We will prevail. Let them try to lock us up simply for where we live or work. They will in the end lose their cherished “public safety tool”
. They couldn’t be happy with just a picture and listing of the charges. Now, they will lose it all.