Reply To: 1st day of NARSOL conference, Friday night banquet great


Samantha, you are trying to equate two issues and two movements and the two could not be more different. No one here is trying to gain “acceptance” or show “pride” or turn serious mistakes into something “normal.” The majority (always exceptions, special situations, of course) people behind the 150 which are in attendance are deeply ashamed for what they did and are not asking for sympathy or acceptance or even to change society’s perception about their particular crime. Society’s perception means little anyway. What we DO want is equal protection under the law, an accurate classification of sex offender laws as being punitive and subsequent, correct application of ex post facto laws. We don’t want our crimes to be “excused,” we just want to be treated fairly, not publicly humiliated by a registry that prevents many of us from working a job, having a home, being with our families and living out an improved life. These demands are far different from what Gay people have fought for so don’t get confused. Also, the majority of the people on the registry are destitute – financially bankrupt. They are unable to work, depend solely on the help and generosity of others and simply do not have the extra funds required to get to Ohio and stay in a hotel, etc. Those of us who are working, do not have the luxury nor the funds to take time off work, risk lying to an employer about where we are going or use family funds to make such a trip. So LAY OFF, lady! and don’t come here to condemn. There’s enough of that everywhere else in the world. You gotta problem with the way things are run or how things are going, then get your butt in the middle of it all and start workin, contributing and doing your part. Until then, kindly have a seat. You have way more listening to do.