Reply To: 1st day of NARSOL conference, Friday night banquet great

no hope

Why there were only 150 out of 900000 RSO’s there has a lot to do with the restrictions RSO’S have the lack of money due to their status and the fear that more will find out who they are and punish/harass them for that. IN Florida if we were to spend 3 days there we have to register the address we are at go the DMV change our license to that address and do the same when we return.
Its because of the Laws you speak of that we do not attend and the people that made those said laws did so just so that we could not unite and become a stronger voice. Limit our job choices, less money to fight them in court. make stupid living restrictions and no place to go when you get out or if you want to try and re-assimilate into society. the reason for more laws and restrictions is because the ones they have now make it impossible to fight them