Reply To: 1st day of NARSOL conference, Friday night banquet great



NARSOL’s FB account suffers the chilling effect of FB TOS. Potential supporting parties are excluded from participating therefore the linkages between outsider groups (traffic) is also absent. Simply put the issue impacts peaceful assembly because the circulation is hindered.

Networking is a key component of early group formation. The power of social media to coalesce and consolidate groups AT LIGHT SPEED, with positions outside the establishment’s mainstream agenda, was anticipated by the deep-state. With the aide of interconnected databases in D.C., Manassas, Arlington & Saratoga springs UTAH, the MEN IN GREY set about getting ahead of the problem.
Huge databases were built to capture snapshots of internet traffic, to be analyzed and made useful. Problem is early network law ,& the FCC, supported privacy above all and ALL NETWORKS were protected by law mostly via U.S. V. AT&T cases. The MEN IN GREY needed a ruling upholding “certain uses” of a database AND theY got it in the DOE decisions FIRST!