Reply To: 1st day of NARSOL conference, Friday night banquet great



“The conference is a not a march or parade to show pride.”

Right. However, the gay pride parade was and is about something else, other than “pride”. It’s about saying “We’re HUMAN, too”. Don’t forget that homosexuality was once illegal (possibly also considering a sexual offense), and that even to this day there are people who somehow think that homosexuals are “pedophiles”.

It’s funny this topic even got brought up because literally yesterday I was thinking about how the persecution of the LGBT community SHOULD encourage them to side with those of us who are wearing *our* scarlet letters. As they have had and still may even have their scarlet letter, since they feel there is still a need for a parade.

“ It’s an educational and training event where we learn how to make progress like Tim P. does.”

So let me get this straight….. these conferences are to help “us” make progress in our segregated, regression? Kinda preaching to the choir don’t ya think? We don’t need to travel to a conference to learn that, we can read articles and comments right here for that type of inspiration.
I wonder how much of your audience are people NOT on the registry who also don’t have ties to someone who is. What NEEDS to happen is a conference to educate the ignorant general population about all the reasons why any person can end up on the registry and all the other detailed information that is skewed and bastardized by the media and law enforcement agencies. Otherwise, what’s the point of the conference.

Perhaps you’ll have to TRICK the public into attending a NARSOL conference by making it seem like your going to teach people how to be aware and defend themselves against sex offenses. Then, when the room is full and you have their undivided attention, you spring it on them about all the devastation it brings to THEIR families and children and how “if it saves just one child” should also apply to the children who are at risk of daddy being killed by vigilantes. And how 90+% of sexual offenses against small children happen within the immediate circle of friends and family.