Reply To: Lessons learned from the Luke Heimlich saga


Should we say Bye Bye Ms. American Pie or should we all say To much time on my hands or should we all figure out all the answers to thinking and this human saga of this sex ordeal. Lets get real for a minute. I am no judge, jury, or prosecutor and I don’t judge but I don’t corrupt minds either. This Heimich saga is a little fishy as who know’s the complete story. Without commenting about Maestro and his argumentitive opinion’s to Sandy and his Einstien’s theory to this sex game of chance. we come to Wearethe people, I’m saying to myself does anybody have common sense anymore. Should everybody be right and nobody wrong or does principal stand out more. American society is being over rated on a lot of understanding in life or are we all saints. I wonder what a hunter does. I think they hunt. I just wonder what a sinner does, maybe they over think to make ther wrong a right. I’m sure we all need second chances or is society like the song I mentioned.

Their are eight million story’s in the Naked City this is one of them but did all this sex offender or sex registry stuff have to happen? No it didn’t. Sure we can all corrupt morals or is morality gone the way of Ms. American Pie, with other people in a physical type of enslavment and inducing punitative long term punishment, bias dictatorrship, or even discrimination to be to give a second chance I don’t know if there are violators or manic depressive people on here at times. Sometimes its just common ordinary “We the people” wanting to get down to the truth but in the long run its all about principal and I can guarantee you its not man’s principal because man has screwed up every thing in life with their lack of understanding. Are laws a bit overbearing or do we still have power to the people is used in the right way.

First off can anyone explain what is a sin and what is evil or should we all go back and enlighten ourself with the movie 50 shades of gray. That right should be the start to solving all this out. Sure we can all corrupt things. The common expression is “isn’t hindsight better than foresight” should go a long way. I have had my morals corrupted a few times or should we the people corrupt morals ourself or does government corrupt in many ways and yet they seem to be wise, and yes power corrupts. I could think of a few leaders corrupting morals such as ” I am not a crook” and also the list is endless. I just wonder if biblical safety is better than down to earth safety and morality today in this country. Corrupting in a physical way is never good and I am surely no judge and that dept is above all of us. So we seek truth.