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Caution must be used when using written material from outside sources. Posting an entire item can lead to copyright conflicts. I am not a member of NARSOL, just an interested party, but I think they take the correct approach.

Yes, you and all registrants suffer speech infringement from FB – TOS. I presume you hint at the difficulties signing up for accounts as it relates to third party sites insisting on linkage to popular com-nets, AND most onerous state’s insisting on disclosure of said ids, has you opting out. You suffer the chilling effects of Big brothers use of the databases.

Ironically, NARSOL does not suffer the same restriction as it is operated by a person not on the electronic list. It too founders however via chilling effect as clicks to and from the FB site would expand dramatically IF registrants were permitted speech via link post likes of thumbs up!

I believe NARSOL could attempt suit because Sandy’s FB site suffers via FB TOS.
Can M.Z. really claim he does not knowingly hinder her individual ability to grow her FB following even if it is a group he does not like!