Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


@ Brian,

The way we stand up and “do something” to stop an unconstitutional law that the General Assembly is forced, for political reasons, to pass is by going to court. The courtroom is the arena where we will defeat the “registry”.
This is what a democracy is all about. The Courtroom is the refuge of the oppressed. It is where we ALL demand that the laws of this land are evenly appokied to ALL and if the laws of this land do not fairly and evenly apply to all , the courtroom is where we go to remedy the situation. It is how we tell our politicians specifically and our society as a whole. “STOP, you CANNOT treat me differently. I demand my rights as a citizen of this country, and as a member of the human race. “
The law evolves slowly. It took over 50 years to overturn “Separate but equal” for the Black Community. Took them hundreds of years and a bloody war to get “Separate but equal”.
Megan Kanka was killed in 1993 and the first “Megan’s Law” was enacted in 1994. In 24 years, we have almost killed the beast. By historical standards, we aren’t doing too badly my friends.