Reply To: Lessons learned from the Luke Heimlich saga


It is very sad for Luke to have to carry this terrible burden for something that happen when he was a child. He is a victim of the way we are as a society now. The laws need to change. Maestro you are so down to earth. What you have to say is so spot on. In a lot of the cases it is only one sided. We never here what happened because the older person is forced, no given the opportunity to take a plea agreement. This is so that he does not have to spend 80 years in Prison because that is what he is told will happen. That was got my 18 year old grandson to sign. Most of the time there is no victim, but the law turns out two. Life long punishment for the older sexually active person does nothing but takes away a person being able to succeed. There are way too many bad laws out there and this is ruining our economy. I think back when I was a kid and all the stuff I did. You know we played doctor and nurse. We had the dog that wanted to hump everyone’s leg. We laughed at its —-! I don’t know all the facts about Luke, what I do know is that he was a child. He made a bad choice, that all of us have done. This lifelong sentence has to go!