Reply To: Deceptive Headlines Stoke Sex Offender Hysteria


Michael McKay

[ Marie said “When you call this guy a “bad man”, you are using the same demonizing tactics so often decried by the SO community when used against registrants.”]

Marie, I have to respectfully disagree with you here. By definition, “demonizing” is characterizing someone as far MORE than a “bad man” (i.e. he is NOT merely a flawed MAN, he is a monster). When you demonize someone, you deny him his humanity, and this makes it much easier to incite the torch-and-pitchfork crowd to destroy the “demon” by any means possible.

I truly do believe that evil exists in the world, and being afraid to point it out runs the risk of not only being labeled amoral, but actually becoming so. That doesn’t mean that everyone who has made a few poor choices in life is evil. Make a bad choice once, and you’ve simply made a mistake. Make the same bad choice a few times, maybe you’re just a slow learner or in a bad situation. But 32 convictions, with more charges pending, many of them crimes of violence, a guy who literally steals a baby at knifepoint in a parking lot? I’d say calling him a “bad man” is being rather charitable. I think promoting the notion that there are no bad people in the world is self-defeating and flies in the face of reality.

As for the “tactics so often decried by those who are often the targets of demonization”… I have no problem with someone thinking I am a bad man. I don’t like it, and I certainly don’t agree with their assessment, but it’s their right to make such judgments and a very human thing to do. The problem I have is with the “bad” people who demonize me and want to burn my house down with my family inside.