Reply To: For registered sex offenders, court victories slow, but they are coming

fed up

I think we need huge huge class action lawsuits file with Narsol and Florida action committee leading. As i’m sure you have read about the dismal problems we have in south Florida. The rest of the state isn’t much better. Governor Rick Scott, Ron book and his daughter Lauren are some of the biggest crooks and our taxes pay them to be that way. I own a home for 21 years now that I cant live in due to not only state laws but my city is able to pass ordinances to declare the entire city off limits to me living there regardless if i’m 10 miles from a school or park. I cant live with my wife or even legally stay the night because i’m not even allowed to list it as a temp address. If the people who made these laws and ordinances aren’t crooks then show me who are. I’m now at a point of 6 yrs being out and doing well for my and me and are prepping the house to be sold so we can legally purchase another place to live.