Reply To: Lessons learned from the Luke Heimlich saga


obvious answers

The United States government, owned by main stream media will not change unless both are deliberately stirs false information and hate as a tool to protect itself. Neither represent America any longer.. When any government enacts policys or laws that place any of its citizens at risk of international vigilanteism and terrorism said government is saying it no longer represents its people by its actions.Anytime a government using propaganda msm outlets or militarized police forces to deliberately stir discontent and create inferior level citizenry akin to slave citizens same thing. Our founding fathers understood this very well and even warned against it and even insured with the amendment the follows the First Amendment.. You have no “victorys” what you have called “victory ” in courts is merely different levels of defeat.. Think about it.. Your government now reachs clear across the planet to harrass, intimidate, and mark you for assault… That is not a victory.