Reply To: Lessons learned from the Luke Heimlich saga

Rick in PA

I know there are many of us who, perhaps deservedly (Maestro), feel we have been given a raw deal by a society that seems to be obsessed with sex, whether through viewing, participating, or labeling others for it. However, let us not lose sight of Luke Heimlich.

This kid, absent his conviction and the public outing of his adolescent “crime,” would have been a first round selection last year in the Major League baseball draft. He would have signed for millions and, most likely, made many more millions over his career. He is beyond talented. He is a truly phenomenal baseball pitcher. Yet he sits at home, considering not just lesser options, but options that are an insult to his talent, simply because he made a stupid 15-year-old horny boy mistake.

It’s not like baseball shuns all troubled athletes. Be a drunk and you might get suspended for a while, but you get a second chance. Be a skirt-chaser and, unless you force yourself on someone, you simply go on with your life. But, at 15, make a mistake (assuming he did) and have sex with a girl several years younger than you and you can kiss your career and the life you worked so hard to build for yourself good-bye.

My heart aches for Luke and for his parents who are watching their son’s life goal vanish before their eyes.