Reply To: Lessons learned from the Luke Heimlich saga


Lessons to learn wow Sandy that does sound deep from this type of human outlook. I’m sure human wisdom and scientific wisdom will be the winner of man’s understand about sex and sex crimes. I wonder if the birds and the bee’s can understand second chances? I’m sure in many families there has been brother and sister experinmenting or touching and getting physical at times. Isn’t that human nature. Remember it takes two but abuse comes in all stages

. Even some of the comments on here can be a bit abusive and over rated at times. While they are just opinions of others about all this sex offender registry and the frustration it cause whether physical or other they are real and emotional as well. One has to learn that they are somebody and the mind can sometimes be abused and over abused even in thinking matters.

Sure we all need second chances and even more if thats the case but I have to bride my tongue on that one in this registry matter that is a bit callous. Now sometimes as we all grow up things are a is a bit different in every family. Sure call it chidrens sexual childs play or being a bit permisquise. Now if it gets a bit too out of line than one or the other has to stop their actions, one should just let it go before it gets to out of line. See some minds haven’t developed that much as elementary school, jr. high. or high school level. It is if you want to call t a stage factor. Now Physical rape is being taken advantage of one and that is a bit different but keeping it locked up inside it can be like being raped over and over.

The person on this article that posted about being a being a rehab counsilor and being molested when he was young by an uncle let it go as it will eat you alive as a cankerworm. So were is forgiveness and forgetting. I guess that’s not in human logic today but than again secon chances are logicial. Sure principals are nice and nobody likes to have something hanging over their head and none of us is perfect. Counsling is good if one needs to gets to that stage but remember the flesh is weak, so controling one’s self is good. If one lives with a stigma than that in itself is abusive and one is just hurting themself emotionally again.