Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Jose Robles de Mauro

Has anyone noticed that the PARSOL (Pennsylvania for Reforming Sex Offender Laws) website is no longer functioning!!! I just noticed today, but I also took noticed the site had not been getting updates of any kind for awhile!!! Nor was I getting any more info from the site’s administrator or leaders. What the heck happened???

Thank you Mr. Brian! What you posted is indeed scary! I am a out of state offender due relief under Muniz since the Summer of 2017’s PASC decision and the January 2018 appeal denial. I had 10 years originally from 2004 before SORNA mandated 15yrs retroactively on December of 2012. I am still waiting for my relief and unable to hire a lawyer to assist or speed the process. I am currently unemployed after 10+ years of a successful job and side hobby business making bracelets. Local reporter made an article during a volunteer event I attended helping feed elderly folks and homeless as a cook. I kept running into being told I am unemployable due to the registry. I am awaiting a decision on my SSD claim initiated some time ago due to a documented anxiety-depression attack I suffered some time ago that also left me with brain damage. I also leave close by to several community parks and my entire few family members I have still in support of me (most have disowned me either to my face or thru no longer speaking to me) all live near parks, schools, daycares, churches or places were children congregate. I currently live in a sub-urban area. I have no connection to anyone in a rural area of any kind. I am a burden to many as it is. I am very unhappy. I do not know if I could go on if my claim gets denied since I have no income and debts ever knocking at my phone and mail. I can no longer be financially helped bu the ones that have for so many months now! I am scared…evrytime the door rings…everytime the phone rings, I do not know what else to do or who to reach out to for a -hand up- on my many matters. The kids continue to suffer after our divorce in spite of trying to be a provider to them and society the best I could. I am sacred I really really am!