Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

John Doe

Snoopy, this is not legal advise, but please be aware that these draconian/authoritarian/dictating/Orwellian/Nazi sex offenses’ laws are not uniform in the United States or possession on Indian Tribes.

What a state/locale does in its jurisdiction, another state/locale may or may not interpret it in the same manner. There is no uniformity declared and cemented/inked on paper by the U.S. Supreme Court mandating such (which could be argued that it is purposely designed to make it easier for sex offenders and/or supporting family/friends to get in trouble while lawmakers use it as a reason to point to the need of the registry due to violations).

Just like traveling international has been made even harder with the somehow “Constitutional” International Megan’s Law. The irony or hypocrisy of it all is that, “they” (*insert blank of all whom “they” may be*) do not want us anywhere (as can be seen by the residency restrictions and/or arguments nationwide at local levels (at this time) yet, they do not want us to leave either! (possibly to keep the jails and workers of such filled on a mostly private industry… By making it so hard to get the hell out of this Country by “somehow” imposing harsh penalties on citizens that do not “comply” or “bow down to the man or woman” [for political correctness] even though they may have served “their time” as imposed by the system of laws that we supposedly are about (…or were!??) and are supposed to no longer be “servants of the State”/prisoners to the State after all terms of sentencing are completed (including probation, which is the last line and a very used line to ensure the compliance, safety and readiness of a convicted individual thru the established and trustworthy system before being released from all given punishment with the tools to make it back into society as a productive member (*yeah sure they give you tools*) and be left alone and unmolested by the said system (*yeah, right!…sure!*).

Add to all of that the informing other “States/Locales/Countries” of one’s possible or actual presence because, they know we are going to re-offend or are a “possible” risk (only sex offender are held to this standard and no one else in the exact same manner) or *they read minds and use fake and/or manipulated/tweaked statistics to keep the status quo*.

To conclude Snoopy, here is a link to the United States Department of Justice website where you can find a registry for all Jurisdictions with a U.S. Megan’s Law/Wetterling/SORNA/whatever they want to call it every so often. You should be able to see it/find it on the bottom right part of the page under “Public Registry Sites”. Whether it is useful to you or anyone, I do not care! If you have the money and have a place to go to (…or not) and can do so legally…following the law!!! Then consider strongly leaving this Country. In my opinion, is going to get worst before it gets better, again in my opinion, if history has anything to show us folks that pay attention and that do not forget history.