Reply To: How a phony cop gave this sex offender a new mission in life

Robert Curtis

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The Registered Citizen

I am also on the Sex Offender Registry (Ca.). My intent in contacting you is to give encouragement and offer you a way to fight the Registry as I have. Do NOT be afraid or think for a moment that one person (you) can’t make a difference. I at first only had my skills as a hairdresser but after selling my salon I purposed to serve all hairdressers as a scissor sharpener and later developed a way to harness politically my relationships to impact elections throughout the state of California. Just recently a senator called me for advice from the floor of the California State Senate! Why should that matter to you? I can show you how to harness power within your community. I invented a machine to use in salons and barbershops for sharpening scissors. I am seeking those on the registry that are fed up with the crap being fed to them. I offer you either a red pill or blue pill. Take the Blue pill and stay in a life of fear where the registry dictates to you and your family…or take the red pill and I’ll show you just how deep the rabbit-hole goes! I am only offering you a choice. The decision is yours.
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