Reply To: Today they stamped “sex offender” on my driver’s license



Sandy this driver license thing sounds a bit damaging or embarrassing to some. Even in the dollar stores today one has to present there drivers license if they even want to buy a pkg. of cigarette’s . Now you and a few others have got onto me a few times but that doesn’t phase me. What really fazes me is this sex offender registry and these demeaning things such this drivers license stamp of SEX OFFENDER. Think about it that way.. Oh we are not suppose to think. I believe someone said.. Either get busy living , or get busy dying. By all means Voice your opinion and make your stand.

Common sense about this simple driver license issue is basic discrimination/labeling. Sure we all could go sit in on legislation but who has equal rights today. One would probably have to show their license and that may be a rejection from participation even in legislation matters. Didn’t we all have that with tare plea deal that some (including myself) were sucked up into. Lawmakers are sly devils. All they care about is their self-esteem or reputation. Do those in office ever listen to the little people, or does it go in one ear and out the other or those letters tossed in the trash if that’s the case.

The old saying is money talks but for my buck the truth will always the best way. Sure we all want to fight this battle. We can all write letters to Governors or the White house. These little scribes in government don’t even know how to shine their shoes correctly these days Would “black balling” others in these ordeals come to mind. Sure they can if one lets them. So who points the finger at those one’s on the sex registry or do we still have rights to stand up just like your organization or any other group. We all need to come together. Remember: Injustice anywhere is a thereat everywhere and yes Justice is conscience.