Reply To: In Pennsylvania, teens + poor judgment = a criminal record


“Tier II sex offenders are considered a moderate risk of reoffending …”

And this is why tier systems are just as full of shit as the registry itself.
She’s 18, he’s 16. They are within 2 yrs age of each other!!! “Moderate risk of reoffending”??!!!
Yeah because I’m sure when she’s 25, she’s really gonna give a damn about 16 yr old “boys”. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I’m so fed up! I am SO. FED. UP.
NARSOL, PLEASE!!! When you advocate, you HAVE to start telling it like it is. You may have to use a disclaimer such as “We mean no disrespect here, but let’s be rational about such situations – these are horse crap reasons to ruin someone’s life. And most of what you deem sex offenses are just like this case and like Genarlo Wilson and like so many other CONSENSUAL acts. How do you justify referring to these people as threats to public safety?”

I mean, you guys and gals at NARSOL can surely find a way to phrase the language but please, STOP SUGARCOATING! There is NO VICTIM in this consenting act with a male who is of age to operate a motor vehicle.