Reply To: Today they stamped “sex offender” on my driver’s license


I’m going to have to disagree with some…many things you said.
First of all, if the court doesn’t care about what people have to say then we should omit “We The People” from the constitution.
Second, the courts actually DO care what people have to say as they always worry about what “the people” will say about certain decisions they make.
Third, what’s FREE about a country when a state can DEMAND that you carry an ID at all times?
I can see how an ID would help, but if they’re going to demand it and then stamp it based on a prior conviction, then no. Screw them.

Fourth, STENGTH in NUMBERS. It’s easy to sit back and imagine a couple of people, maybe even 50 or so, getting arrested for refusing this crap. But imagine a SWARM of people like that which you would see at a concert arena. Yeah. There’s not going to be enough court time or jail beds to combat that. And THAT’S when they’ll realize they need to change this “scheme”. I’ve always pronounced this as “skeem” because that’s what it is. It’s a skeem and skeems are scams.

Furthermore, it can’t just be registrants at such a protest. It will have to include family, friends and any other advocates of this scam.
It has to be the mothers and fathers of registrants who had their youthful lives turned upside down for being – well, YOUTHFUL. It has to be wives and kids of dads who stand up and scream into news cameras about how their child is being bullied because of what the dad did 20+ yrs ago. Scream in people’s faces just like Antifa screams in people’s faces for voting for Trump.
But nah. Just a nice, quiet protest. Like a shit ton of people gathering in front of their state legislature building with lawn chairs. Cause a little traffic jam or two. Then everyone just sits down, men, women, kids, advocates, just sit there and be in everyone’s way. And most of all, don’t be afraid to say you’re protesting the stamping of drivers licenses. And don’t be ashamed to have to tell people that a “sex offense” does not mean a crime similar to what happened to Megan Kanka.