Reply To: NARSOLs Robin Vander Wall discusses the registry with Nevada radio host


David you make a pretty good point but I still wonder who is the servant or who is being served. Robin made some good points in the interview with getting the word out about some of this sexual offender registry thing but who know’s the thoughts of man.

Now I couldn’t care less what Teir level is because when you start grading one might as well be grading barnyard animals. Their is only one true Justice and Robin even know’s that. Sure when we all got mixed up with this ordeal, weather physical or non physicial who’s hormones were running.? Sin is sin ok but if courts want to take it to a highter level who is trying to justify themself? Whether Robinr,Maestro, Jeremy SW even myself. No I can’t justify oneself. What it all boils down to is the plain truth. They say actions speak louder than words so who’s actions were on the giving or receiving end in a lot of this ordeal?

Sure courts will con someone into a plea deal or some lesser punishment time but who is given the equal rights when they stand in front of the judge in this type of kangeroo Court, with a lot of these sexting issues or a lot of these physical ordeals. Talk about those without sin casting the first stone, it just blow’s my mind what human’s will reason today. The intent has to be there, the victim has to be there or do courts play on the mind as those sheriff’s deputy'[s do in the internet sexting issues to sway one to their level. Are a lot of these encounters two wrongs don’t make a right or are we all just sex offenders that can’t control our hormones. Are the court systems playing judge and prosecutor without a jury with the intent to lighten your sentence. What sort of justice is that? America needs to know about these traps of government.