Reply To: Judge Aaron Persky — What will the outcome be?


“…who had been friends for more than 10 years, attended parties at each other’s homes and whose children played together. They no longer talk.”

How mature is that?! If I’m not mistaken, to recall a judge, the jurist has to have committed a crime, broken his oath, or committed an act of moral turpitude (the catch all for just about anything sexually related, including urinating in public). I predict this will not succeed, but the judge may resign on his own to get away from all the braying jackasses.

Where does the public get it into their heads that they have an extrajudicial right to demand a certain punishment or insist that a judge be removed? If you are not the prosecution, part of the defense, or a juror, keep your damn mouth shut! Karma is a bitch and it may happen to you if you, God forbid, have your day in court. Then we’ll see how strict a punishment these people want for themselves.

Change the law. Don’t attack the judge for this. He had the discretion to do what he did. We are surely reverting back to the days of pitchforks and torches. More’s the pity.