Reply To: NARSOLs Robin Vander Wall discusses the registry with Nevada radio host



This is my opinion of the “natural order of things” in our current times and generation;

People have pushed aside the idea of anything “natural”. They think it’s unnatrual to find attractions to youthful human beings, yet each and every one of these hypocrites finds attraction to youthful human beings. (I’m not referring to small children, I’m referring to post pubescent teens and young adults).
I’ll give you an example – in my personal opinion, the most beautiful MAN that ever existed is Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw. I’ve been attracted to him since I was around age 6 or 7 and he had just joined the popular rock back at age 21. He’s now in his 60’s and still looks A-MAZING. But….as I am a member of Styx fan groups online, I see women 10 to 15 yrs OLDER than me still talking about and drooling over his 1970’s pics when he was in his early 20’s and considered a “baby” in the way in which we refer to the 20somethings these days. So in these Styx fan groups we have the closet “cougars” who would say a 20 yr old is a “baby” but, behind closed doors would most likely take the opportunity to be with said “baby”.

Our society is in major DENIAL of Natural human actions, thoughts and feelings. We are literally expected to live our lives as if we are ROBOTS.
This is why it angers me to see people being so apologetic when they’re caught up in a CONSENSUAL relationship with a 16/17 yr old if their state’s law is 18. Because, had they simply been in a different state, it would not have been a crime and no apology would be needed.

Now then, for those who are religious and believe in “god”, please read your bibles from cover to cover, not just the popular phrases/passages.
Women, for starters, were 2nd class at best in the days these stories were written. And they were ALWAYS MUCH YOUNGER than the men they were wives to.
It has been estimated by scholars that Mary was between 13-15 yrs of age when she was pregnant with Jesus. People who swear that the Bible is historical fact and that there IS a god, live by this book and yet do everything opposite of what it’s apparently “teaching” us or what it’s promoting as being “acceptable”. So when people condemn us in the name of “god” and tell us that “god” will get his revenge for us “hurting” a child (post pubescent teen) I ask them why they accept “god” impregnating a teenage girl and how, exactly, would “he” would find it appalling that I was attracted to a teenage girl?

I remember being 16, and therefore I say that if I can be trusted to not drive a car into a crowd of people at age 16, then I should also be trusted to decide that I wanted to have sex with someone like Farrah Fawcet if I felt an attraction to someone like her at that age (and I did lol).

When my generation was growing up, teenage BOYS were in fact attracted to older celebrity women. Now-a-days, when a very good looking older woman comes into my job and I turn to one of my 20something male coworkers and say “Wow! That woman is gorgeous” they reply “She’s old enough to be my mom”, 🤦🏻‍♂️ (Face palm moment). She’s not your mom, you’re both adults and you have to be blind as a bat to not see that she looks amazing for her age (whatever her age may be). This is the generation that is afraid of its own shadow thanks to its OBSESSION with sex crime stories on TV shows and news media.
Also, on this same note, young pubescent GIRLS are always attracted to those “boy band” guys who are almost always above the drinking age.
But of course, the AVERAGE older guy is “creepy” because he’s not a celebrity. This is how we have trained ourselves and our kids in this generation.
The moms of these young girls who are 13-17 sit and smile and giggle at their daughters “puppy love” of these older men in pop bands. It’s mind boggling. Why aren’t the mothers saying “cut that out! He’s too old for you!”? Oh, maybe because many of these mothers were once the teenagers who were trying to get backstage to sleep with members of the rock band Kiss? Hmmm.

We are slowly but surely being turned into emotionless robots who are preprogrammed to only find attraction and love with similar robots.
Meanwhile, everyone who is young and a fan of Beyoncé (whose music I hear to death at my job) never takes into consideration that her husband, Jay-Z is 13 years OLDER than her and he met her when she was 19. Do the math.

But we will continue to live in denial that it’s a natural human thing to be attracted to YOUTH.
Men, moreso than women, because men look to a younger female as “fertile” for starting a family (for those who want to have kids, even if they don’t want to, the natural law of attraction to youth still applies).

I could go on but I’ve made this longer than I intended anyway. I do hope it gets published in these comments as I’ve seen even longer comments on other articles. Have a great day, all.