Reply To: NARSOLs Robin Vander Wall discusses the registry with Nevada radio host


It’s not about touching a subject of what is a child ! Wrong is wrong ! and if we believe in punishing all sex offenses, we need to establish true, legitimate reality not a variety of opinions and theories but true adulthood STARTS at puberty, it does not matter if we like it or not the facts of life reveal/state that Accountability is in order at that time line …..Not what we would like it to be ! Is it acceptable knowing and a bedding teen sex and pregnancy, well, if that’s true ! And valid ! we need to register those females and males ! Plenty of those females underage are clearly aware of sexuality and are accountable, regardless of the law turning the other cheek to suits its own fancy ! My point to all of this is to show ….THE PATH THE LAW HAS CHOSEN TO GO DOWN (sex offender registries) is foolish, because it tangles with natural human sexual and other behaviors and demonizes human sexuality at all stages of life ! Why because everyone is not at the same level of maturity and experience, plus opportunities for growth! What’s wrong with this legally, ethically and morally ! Just ask any sociologist, psychologist and other professionals and a truthful answer will tell an abundance of why Governments in private lives is a paradox to Law crossings lines of Civil and Constitutional rights ! IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED ! IT DESTROYS LIVES AND IS MISS GUIDED JUSTICE !