Reply To: Locked up for what you might do: the Good Lives Model perverted


“aggravated assault of a child”

Which could be that states way of saying:
“Consensual sexual intimacy with a post pubescent, horny, hormones popping teenager that likes the idea of being with older men BUT…we don’t like that idea so the older man is a threat to public safety.”

Except it’s the not the state’s way of describing consensual sex with teenagers and you sure as hell don’t get 18 years in prison for that in Texas.

“aggravated sexual assault of a child” in Texas usually refers to child molestation. The individual in question was convicted of molesting (with penetration) a 10 year old girl according to the registry

With that amount of time, I imagine there were other aggravating factors beyond the victim’s age. This guy probably is the worst of the worst.