Reply To: Part II: Andy’s story


I received a similar letter from Compassion Int. terminating my sponsorship. I have been a “registered citizen” for nearly 25 years now, and a sponsor for over 10 years. This is the first I heard of the “regular screening process.” As a Christian, all my sins have been forgiven…past, present and future. Unfortunately, mans laws and apparently “Compassion Int.” (oxymoron) don’t forgive and especially don’t forget. As a participant of a Christian Recovery Ministry, and as part of my own growth, I choose to make living amends, which includes financial support (up until now) for sponsorship in “Compassion”. What’s worse is explaining to the sponsored children, especially from a Christian organization, that some sins are so bad and unforgivable that financial support can’t even be given to them. Good luck with that. I suppose “registered citizens” are now the new “boogeymen” of the time. I’m shocked and saddened about this recent development. “Therefore, no condemnation now exists for those in Christ Jesus”… (Rom 8:1)