Reply To: American hero or manipulative monster?



Sandy this is a positive article and meaning to a lot on here. Manulipation, being a hero and than being a nobody cares case. Sure we can all like to sound off a bit about this registry. One day your a hero and the next your out in left field it seems. Seems everybody’s in fear and those in Control do the best to control. I wonder were the keystone cops are today. I believe they still call people control freaks. Who can control the human mind. Man sure didn’t make the human mind.

Should we all be control freaks or do what is best at times. Nothing wrong with fightening in a War if thats one’s bag and they want to do it. We could talk about the draft doggers back in the 70 if thats the case. Family members can be controling at times and with this sex offender registry Police are sort of Controling factors.

My sister told me why do kids want to kill at schools today. Well why do people want to go on sex adventures or this internet scheme ordeal. My answer to her was that we didn’t intent the human brain. We all have flaw’s just the same as the next person. Sure there is a responsiblity not to kill other people, Not to use psycholical pressure. All this manulipation and psychological pressure is those in authority trying to clean up the swamp as they say but nobody’s perfect and we all make mistakes, even those in high places.

So who’s killing who today in this manulipation of the sex offender game. Hey I got a violated just by wanted to do telephone campaigning for Donald Trump and my PO know’s that. Do you think Donald Trump would care. Do you think a lot of government would care to manulipate others with some type of controling factor. This world is strange. I would put this shooting stuff that has gone on in schools a big prioirity than trying to dupe someone up on the sex registry by their deceptions and their praise of we got em by the balls mentality

You do your probation and that’s it or whatever it is. This life long registry is a scar on the government. that is man-made. I wonder if people know anything about humility today.