Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Chuck –

Couple of questions for ya… If they KNOW that I’m one of the people impacted by Act 10 – and they do because I got the letter – why would they put me on 15 years instead of the 10? Unless they put me on a Tier 1 for people listed as AFTER SORNA went into place, because isn’t a Tier 1 for them listed as 15 years? If that’s the case it should be reasonably easy for them to verify that I should be 10 years Tier 1 and not 15 years Tier 1.

I saw you typed this and was curious:

“Got official explicit word that those convicted before 12/20/22 DO NOT have to verify your internet information. PERIOD. That is set in STONE. I got that from PSP Headwuarters NOT the ML Section but headquarters.”

So does that mean that mean that they shouldn’t have collected or kept my e-mail addresses? Or does that mean IF I was on facebook, which I am not that I would no longer have to register my facebook but would have had to before?

I’m just curious because in my latest report they basically asked if there were any changes I said no, but they had my e-mails in there from before.