Reply To: The sex offender registry: a non-punitive civil regulatory scheme



Fred, when Narsol comes to my state to hold a conference, I will move mountains to attend!!! Until then, I am not going to travel 7 states so they can potentially force me to register for “passing” by their state with money I do not have for I am unemployed and unemployable here due to the sex offender registry I live with family members that do not like me at all and constantly threaten me with throwing me out, but have not because I have something on them if they do that will be problematic to them. NO, I have not found better living conditions.

Sandy, has it occurred to you that some folks are just scared so much after what they have gone thru from accusations thru convictions and the aftermath of all and after what has been done to many of them thru the injustices and horror stories many have posted that perhaps, they just did not/do not trust you or anyone that initially would contact them with with some “positive” “benevolent” act to help them or invite them to a “conference” to have them share their story. Not everyone one wants to re-live details of their lives. They have enough with living everyday under the label “sex offender” plus, many have been put into a position of trusting no one. Not their fault, but the registry and society!