Reply To: The sex offender registry: a non-punitive civil regulatory scheme


The sex registry is non-punitive must be some type of record playing in the backgerounds of peoples minds. You know this country has always been a give away or throw away country.. Those people in blue don’t want to see one locked up but they bind a lot of hardships on people’s back.

Now we all can coment till we are all blue in the face. I even mentioned its not about religion. I wonder if its about the planet of the apes, nah.. Its about power and overcoming others in a lot of this ordeal scheme. Look at those people in Florida. You know there is a saying, Render to Ceaser what is Ceasers. Are we all Ceasers caught up in this dilemna or did we get caught up in some Catch-22 scheme.

I wonder who’s right on here with these comments. Sure when I got involved in this I checked out WOW and their little site as well as this one even little Derek’s site. I was a bit more comfortable with NARSOL’s site as even the comments had meaning . Sure I get off on Righteousness and basically Righteousness is a rule book of what is right. Is life a one way street or a two way street. Do we all poke sally annie or do we confess or get betrayed by those who are suppose to protect us such as in these computer internet sting things. So what is punitive those welding the sword or those monitoring others. If human wisdom can solve a lot of this than more power to the people. There is one thing about power, we the people are not Ceaser’s to render. So who’s justice is right.