Reply To: The sex offender registry: a non-punitive civil regulatory scheme

Bob vanmocha

Here is the problem with the sentiment that probation officers should know if a person is going to re offend probation officers only see a person for 15 minutes a month maby they don’t have the time or the manpower or the funds to monitor people the way the unrealistic laws command them too as I have been a sex offender for the past 10 years I have been discriminated against relentlessly for absolutely no reason at all the fact I’m innocent has nothing to do with how society and law enforcment treats sex offenders everyone believes its there duty to make life as miserable as possible for anyone with the lable its stupid how easy it is to turn someone into a sex offender all you have to do is accuse someone and its a wrap for them they only have a 2%chance of beating the charge and money and political influence changes every outcome every time it’s time for a change no more labeling people we labeled. The Jews we labeled the blacks we labeled the Irish we labeled the Muslims we labeled everyone from south of the border all we do in this country is brand people with labels enough of the fu%$ing labels quit labeling and harassing people if people want to keep there kids safe make sure they are educated make sure we pay attention and start making bullying a punishable crime put metal detectors and law enforcement in the schools not some pansy who hides while kids are being executed let’s. Make some realistic changes let’s make harassment a real crime no matter. Who you are or what you are we are all human beings and deserve yo be treated as such!