Reply To: NARSOL’S PA advocate: We’ve created list of people considered monsters


Problem is D, that these fine folks immune themselves from the laws they create and/or support. They typically protect each other (unless they need to make an example of someone as a cover) thru their memberships or secret societies (as it may apply). These people often do not ever get to feel the negative effect of their decisions that affect everyone else, but themselves. Their families are protected as well. True slavery of the masses (not by color of skin anymore), but too many people still fail to realize it. Too busy worrying about Superbowl, TV entertainment, the Kardashians news drama and not about protecting your “neighbors” for the right reasons when it comes to the over reach of laws that affect everyone and have no proven record of doing what they say they do. In other words, lies!!! Hope and dream all you want of course, that is your right, but do not expect much nor sit and wait for it or you will be sorely disappointed. Congressman Anthony Weiner was an exception! (and we do not hear about him anymore do we? It was never even stated in his sentencing if the registry was to be an “obligation”)