Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



Chuck I hear you but ML section is the PSP they do not want me to register and I am sure not going to try and trick an officer at a local station to take my info if the PSP ML section are the ones who run ML told me not to register what if I walked in to local station and they say the same thing should I beat their ass and make them take my info lol Just because some of you paranoid people get a local recruit to take your info doesn’t mean anything. The problem here is people that are still on site are putting their 2 cents in my situation is 100% the laws do not apply to me, that only leaves a PSP recruit covering his ass taking my info that I do not have to provide and me volunteering something that I don’t have to. If you call ML section and they say you do not have to go in and reg then you do not have to. I would much rather take PSP in Harrisburgs word for it then a 50k a yr recruits. Everyone has big words for respecting the PSP on here so stop trying to say they would lie to get you jammed up. If you haven’t called PSP to ask if you need to reg then don’t try and sway others in my same situation All I have said is to call ML section if they do not state you do not need to come in then go in plain and simple their word caries more wait then a recruit on a power trip.