Reply To: The sex offender registry: a non-punitive civil regulatory scheme

Timothy Level 3

Well I guess I will put in my two sense. I can not agree more with what has been said. I am a level 3 offender from Minnesota and I really like the idea of doing a sit in, or something similar. I to would like to get all sex offenders together in a location to talk about what we as a population of offenders can do as a group. It is very obvious that no one or two will be able to fight this. I like most ex-offenders are scared to put a face to our name and disagreement with the system. A lot of us either have good jobs and want to protect them or are having a difficult time finding a job, due to our status or label that has been attached to us. There is a movement in MN at least as far as the professionals go to help us. One of the things they are doing (and this came out of the MN sex offender training held this last month) is changing the way they speak about us. The change is to not speak to people about sex offenders, but to show us as people, Human beings not a label. We are to be addressed and discussed as persons who sexually offended. This may seem like a small thing, but it puts a whole different appearance to us being a person, Human, Not a label.
I for one do not and have not for some time not looked as myself as a sex offender. I first am a truck driver, paramedic, laborer, Loss Control Manager, Corrections Officer, Computer engineer, just to mention a few of the labels I carry. Notice I did not include the offense. That is not who I am. I am also a Dad / Father, of two wonderful young adults. Whom I am very proud of for going through all this with me, and having to endure the pain and hardship my actions have caused us all.
Another thing that at least in MN needs to be address is the process of assigning a offender a RISK CODE LEVEL (A,B,C or 1,2,3) depending on the system you are rated under. In MN it’s 1,2,3. The process is very hodgepodge at best with six teams of assessors that go to the prisons and decide ( or read an offenders mind) to make a person a level 1,2, or 3. All being based off of a file they read, not complete facts, of how a. Person has changed since they offended. Their decision is based off past behavior(s) not current. I was made a level three (3) simply because I could not show full-time employment for seven months during the time I was offending. ( I could not get the records they needed due to being incarcerated)
Now I’m finding out that there is a process that I have to go through to get my level reduced that seems a lot like the process that the civil committed must go through to be released. I know of several people right now that are going through this process now, it has taken several months to get to the point of a teleconference with someone who then brings the info to several others who then decide if the offender should be allowed to go forward in the process, or be rejected. All being said non of this goes in front of a judge, the people it goes in front of are all DOC employees. Interesting thing about my level assignment is that it was assigned before I ever went in front of the team. My level was assigned on 4-21-11, I first went in front of the team towards the end of May, 2011, and at that time my paperwork was not present for all members, so they rescheduled my hearing, the next hearing took place two weeks later the first 10 days of June, 2011. I was to be release June 18th, I received the decision on the 14th or just before. We were told at that time that if we faught the level 3 assignment that the State Attorney Generals office would go after us for Civil Committment. That scared the crap out of several of us, especially me as I was already being looked at for civil commitment and only after this hearing was told it was denied. I have now been a free man off all supervision making very good money, and still a level three. In the last month I have been asked to do several jobs that would take me on to Military bases to do my work, this last one I have actually requested and will find out if I am able to in several days. This job is worth $5000.00 to me, so I hope it goes through, and if it does I will request some others as well.