Reply To: American hero or manipulative monster?


Believe it or not I am glad Sandy brought this article up. This Michael Cain lives about 12 miles from me here in the shendoah valley’ and is probably in my district’ of course my PO wouldn’t tell me such things as that would be a conflict of interest. Two wrongs never made a right. Police try to make a case stick anyway they can.

And Maestro I am not on your case. I’m just wondering how you figured all this Sex registry out as you alrealy had the answer from the get go but you didn’t understand what you said at the time and that a year or so ago. You were fighting the system so it seemed and this guy Michael Cain actually got his leg blown off to save some and look how they manulipated him to some extent. Now remember you and Sandy got onto me about a few things in the past but I’ll say one thing. Who was protecting me or watching over me when I went down to see that so called girl and before I went ask for, No sex.

Why did I say to those, ( in authority) you don’t know my thoughts or intent. I wonder who jogged that into my consciense. Was it my sub-concious mind or a higher power. Now if you want to talk about power we can all go back to Rome or even before that. To think someone that fights for a country that gets manipulated like this is a bit much and police are good at that. We can even all go back to the struggle for independance.

Look I’m no Helen Redding or Gloria Steinem and I sure didn’t vote for any of them for President or campaign for them but I do believe in Government and wanted to be in Criminal Justice at one time, took courses in it in college. Sometimes I think as you do, that they are all Duddly Do rights today and this sex registry is way overboard in many ways. Like I said once on he my goal in all this is for the truth to come out in a lot of this government “pull the wool over your eyes”ordeal.