Reply To: American hero or manipulative monster?


Teresa Salazar

My son is not yet on the SO Registry…he will be released in six years, after serving thirteen years for a proposed “attempted” molestation. He was sentenced in Arizona to fifteen years…and given a sentence of lifetime probation. I have reviewed every single piece of the evidence. While the doctor found absolutely no physical evidence of anal penetration, the doctor put a comma after that statement and wrote: “but successful penetration” just two days after the supposed incident. The victim was calm and chatty during the exam, and her brother changed his story from never seeing anything, to maybe seeing something, to seeing my son standing behind his sister doing this. Even though my son is a six foot tall man, and weighed nearly 240 lbs…there was no physical evidence and he must register for life! The justice system is so entirely screwed up! I am sure that more than 80% of “sex offenders” are innocent!! It is due to a money making private prison industry that so many are charged guilty and put in prison…especially in Arizona. You get caught peeing on the side of the road in Arizona, or get caught fooling around with your girlfriend under age and they wait until the man reaches 18 and prosecute him for a sex offense, and you could be sentenced for 8, 10, or more years in Arizona. The private prisons CCA and GEO want these persons because it keeps their head count at 85% and they are assured of years of business. I am sure it is the same all over the USA. Sorry for the length here…just so heart broken and I know that I will NEVER judge someone with a sexual offense, because I truly believe it could be incorrect or false, due to the Court system and the unjust sentencing laws!!