Reply To: NARSOL’S PA advocate: We’ve created list of people considered monsters


“I really did not know (which is never an excuse)“

This is where I’d have to disagree with you. The courts know damn well that every single living person in this country does NOT KNOW every single law, much less the language in which it is written out. You’d have to go to law school to know exactly what it means.
And because they know that we don’t know every single law, that’s how they GET US.
No one has the time or is going to spend the time in their busy lives to sit and read every law on the books in their state or other states if they travel.
Here in CT I grew up knowing that it’s ok to make a right turn on a red light so long as there is no SIGN that says “No Turn On Red”. You also learn this in your driving test.
How am I supposed to know that in the state of NJ, there is absolutely NO TURNING ON RED?
But they’ll say that my ignorance of THEIR laws is unacceptable. I say that telling me that I should have every law of every state memorized is what’s truly UNACCEPTABLE.

We, the PEOPLE, need to change this bullsh*t and change it ASAP. As in YESTERDAY.