Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Today is May 22nd.

If you have NOT gone in for Act 10, get in there NOW.

I don’t care if God himself calls you on the phone and tells you that you are good and don’t need to go in… WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE OF THAT PHONE CALL?!?!

When you are being arrested are you going to say, it’s ok, I TALKED TO GOD, HE SAID I WAS OK?

How silly will you sound? How much good will that do you?

The police barracks I used to go to had a Detective, not just an average trooper, that did NOT know that I had been able to MAIL IN updates because of when I had been convicted. He did not even know that was an option for ANYONE. Changes that had been mailed in were done in a Half-donkey butt sort of way. Some stuff was taken off, one thing was added, but one thing was NOT added. Someone sent in a tip and I gave him all of the paperwork showing what I had mailed in. Harrisburg said they never received it… How did they change stuff to take some off and add some if they didn’t receive it? Next time I went in he was LITERALLY trying to get me to admit to him that I lied and that he could prove that I lied in front of a court of law and he has proof of that. It was just harassment pure and simple. I did NOT admit to him any of that because it wasn’t true… but I still didn’t want to go back to that barracks to get hassled by him again. It’s a good thing that there are other barracks nearby. I had been worried about it going to a different one, but I just said they are about the same distance and this one is more convenient. The longest they have ever made me wait at the original barracks was 3 hours. That’s insane. No lunch or shift change takes THAT long. I figure that I can sit there reading a book just as easily as I can sit at home reading a book. I am NOT going to jail for not registering. My freedom, my wife, my kids are worth that time and hassle.