Reply To: American hero or manipulative monster?

Stay Hopeful

This article is on point! “Humans” yes do make mistakes and “Humans” need to understand we are just that “Humans”. No matter how much love and support or change individuals on the “List” will always be prosecuted.

I’ve been reading “The Law of One” the Ra Material and we need to focus on Love. I believe to stop the wheel of Karma is to Loved Ourselves, Forgive ourselves, Love Others and Forgive Others and be a service to other humans.

By keeping individuals on this “List” it’s creating more harm than good as from what I read statistically it’s worthless. So why keep it around and focus on rehabilitation or empowering those that want to be the best human as possible. We are a one concessions being and we need to push that agenda.

I came across Pizzagate and if it’s true those are the truly evil individuals they need to focus on? Just my 2 cents! Stay strong everyone and thank you for the article!