Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Went in for Act10 compliance today, the trooper thought I was coming in to update SORNA requirements but I said no I’m here to comply with Act 10, he seamed a little lost, he said he doesn’t understand A10 and it’s very confusing, I should have kept my mouth shut but I know he knows about Muniz and I explained the Muniz case to him anyway because he was playing possum, he started getting upset I could see so I then shut my mouth, I did however tell him I am working with my attorney to clear this up, he said any changes, didn’t ask for identifiers or anything pertaining to SORNA bs, but they still gave me SORNA printout, now my papers are very confusing and they just plopped in there, (For offenders who are registered for an offense that occurred before December 20 2012, you must notify psp within 3 business days of the fallowing ) what makes this confusing is that they added it right at the bottom of section 2. In the first page, so does everything above apply to us still or does not not apply is the question. My SID number is still the same, teir level is gone, 12 month registration, it says Active pending review now, registration end date is still the same. I though they were going to re-collect the information.