Reply To: NARSOL’S PA advocate: We’ve created list of people considered monsters


I have hesitated to chime in on this as sometimes I believe everybody is up in smoke on all this. See Maestro I even saw the movie “Up in Smoke” I wonder who is up in smoke today Sure its the parents, the individuals involved in all this scandel and its the people that want to discriminate against us. Sure Larry and Andy do a good job to inform to the internet circuit and sure NARSOL does a good job as well as others in this sex offenders. Is this some modern day society scandel that many are not informed on. Have law enforce overthrown there limit in more ways than one.

We have gun controls out of measure and that is a major factor, government it seems is out of measure, and it seems that this internet thing is out of measure. Of course I didn’t say anything about mobsters, (today it would be safe to be called governemt crimes if one would like to call it that) or the physical elements or this country out of line. Is our constitution getting weak or are we the people getting weak and just letting government hand out the view’s of the status quo.

Believe it or not you people are beginning to scaring me but I can understand your frustration and we all want some kind of releaf or justice. Now look each one of you have the right to make changes. Narsol is pressing on and so are others in this fight for all. Sure I’ve been thu my growing years and so have a lot of others on here and we all have had our ups and downs.

This ordeal is not like getting caught up with a little bag of weed which is now legal in a lot of states. Course drugs werent the answer. Now we al it seems are invated by those” as Andy calls it” those police prentenders” via the internet. Its time to step up and address our voices more, or all go and just blow our brains out like some have on this sex registry before it eats you to pieaces. Remember I’m not a monster. Yes bringing back some common values is good or should we all be gangsters of our past.