Reply To: Coast to Coast, Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Waste Money, Create Havoc

Roberto Cruz

Mr. Fred Admin Sir, great suggestions. I have been wanting to participate and contribute/make a difference with this cause for sometime.

I do would like to know however, considering your eleemosynary invitation, if you or NARSOL offer any low cost or no-cost transportation (car, bus, plane, boat–public or private) to and from Ohio June 8th through the 10th and/or any other agreed upon locations of learning on the wide range of topics you speak of. As in my believe you already know, many of us on a Sex Offender Registry are economically distraught and/or homeless so, any help getting me there would be greatly appreciated. I want to be there!

Also Sir, how can you assure me/us RSO’s from different locations under so many different laws and requirements, safe passage to any and all locations of learning about the topics affecting RSO’s and the ways to do more (even if already doing so)? As in my believe you already know, many of us on a Sex Offender Registry can not leave the Country, our States, our Counties, our Towns (as probation may dictate) so, getting on a public bus where children or possible adult victims “congregate” may be problematic and even unlawful. But, I want to be there!

One more thing I need to ask, how would RSO’s be able to not break the law and be held in a violation across States? Will there be any low cost or no cost legal help offered by NARSOL? As in my believe you already know, crossing into some States even if not to reside and just visiting/driving/walking by you are legally demanded to register. I know all battles have risks. Some more unnecessary than others, but I still want to be there!

Oh, and while we are in the subject of wide range of topics, has NARSOL considered a 30 to 60 seconds (or more) commercial on national T.V. to introduce themselves and what they advocate for & why (instead of just word of mouth, etc.) with a personable spokesperson that can deliver a message to all cultures? I know Superbowl is over, but I would surely donate to see NARSOL purchase one of their million dollars’ commercial spots. Then again, NARSOL does not need to wait until Superbowl to get commercial spots on current Prime T.V. channels or Prime radio or Prime newspapers journalists which, could be cheaper too!

Thank you NARSOL and its human volunteers for well,… Volunteering their time to the above cause!