Reply To: Coast to Coast, Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Waste Money, Create Havoc


NARSOL will post any articles we feel our community should know about. I mean how are people supposed to know how absurd these laws are if we don’t help keep them informed? At the same time we are very busy and focused on bringing change to these laws on constitutional grounds.

I recommend you look into getting involved with NARSOL and learn what is really going on behind the scenes, before you assume that all we do is post blog articles that depress you. Then consider attending our conference in Ohio on June 8 through 10 to learn about a wide range of topics, including how to be an awesome advocate for change where you are actually doing something instead of just reading depressing blog posts.

Finally if you really don’t like the way NARSOL does things, you can apply for a position on the Board of Directors and show us how it’s done. Getting active in our cause can be a very rewarding and uplifting experience.