Reply To: International Travel


Just wondering if the UK indeed has a flat ban on all RSOs regardless of offense. I was in Northern Ireland & Scotland in July 1999 via London Heathrow & Gatwick. Took Stena Line from Belfast to Stranraer. Would love to return again one day for genealogical reasons. My conviction is from 2014 in Ohio.. Importuning(F-5) from an online sting on Craigslist. Low-level offense. No victim. Am tier II (25 yrs)- in my opinion should have been tier I. Ineligible for expungement or early removal from SOR due to age of purported ‘minor’- 15-16yo. Have no plans anytime soon to go to the UK, but would love to have the option to way down the road. Should I even bother contacting the British Consulate/UK Customs? Or just accept that I’ve been there in the past and just move on with no hope of ever returning to visit again.. Any thoughts/advice would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks.