Reply To: Coast to Coast, Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Waste Money, Create Havoc

Restore Article VIII

This really hits home with me right now. Once my spouse registered he received a letter stating he had ten days to get out of the home we had built and have lived in for nearly 20 years. I thought we were safe because of a state supreme court case that stated if you lived in your house prior to the law (2006) then it did not apply (on Missouri State Highway Patrol offender page). However, there was a later court case (not listed on the page) that said the county can decide. Our county said he had to move (non contact non violent offenses). We are living apart as we have one more child in high school who has attended that district since kindergarten. Is my spouse a danger? No, and I struggle with how someone can be punished for what the government thinks they “might” do. Things are still rough for us right now (financially, emotionally, legally), but I plan to help promote change once we get in a better place. I am grateful to NARSOL and all those who are fighting the fight for us.