Reply To: Sex Offender Registries: Common Sense or Nonsense?


“When the boy’s mother, Patty Wetterling, learned that her home state of Minnesota did not have a database of possible suspects—notably convicted sex offenders—she set out to make a change.”

First thing people do wrong is assume that a crime is committed by someone who has a prior record. If there’s no prior criminal record, you’re not going to find “possible suspects” no matter how many photographs you look at. When will they learn? Also, just because a child is abducted does NOT mean that SEX is the motive (as with Jason Wetterling’s case). People who are not able to have children have abducted children to have as their own. This is reality.

Also, say what you will about me “judging” people’s crimes but how does a consensual act with a teenager qualify as a “danger to society”? The perpetrators in the Wetterling and Kanka cases were MURDERERS. Not just sex fiends. So when a student consents to having an affair with a handsome or beautiful teacher, how is that the same as the Wetterling and Kanka case where the public is in “danger” and NEEDS to be notified? I’d like the lawmakers to explain that one.

“that every state comply with Title I of the Act, the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (“SORNA”) or risk losing 10 percent of federal law enforcement funding”

Why can’t this be considered bribery? It’s no different that getting pulled over for speeding and offering the cop money to let you go without a ticket.