Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

Yes most of the issues thrown out were in regards to ACT and the life classification.

The court said that the issues I put forth on ACT 10 and life time were not properly put before the court.

I filed to Amend and take leave – on April 30, 2018

It was approved – the PSP has to now respond to amended Mandamus which now includes ACT 10 challenge.

Still being in court is a miracle – A lawyer would be nice but I am too deep into the issues to give up the personal fight.

I went to the PSP today to register under ACT 10 and I found that I am being put at teir 1 – 15 year review pending annually

I called the Megan’s Law section to see what is up with the life time letter they sent me- The word is that there is a computer problem I did not understand her talk to me.

The paper the PSP gave me are for subchapter “H” SORNA -1

I went there expecting to get the ACT 10 subchapter “I” continued registration. I did not get that.

I will send this paper work to the court and ask PSP for a clarification on what is going on.

I am out of state Texas – Pre-SORNA and the PSP says Life – for a offense classified 10 years that they made lifetime without law rights to do so.

I think the PSP is keying in on the out of state life tag from Texas- OOS data form.

I thing the PSP Megan’s Law section is confused on the factors of my case and I have tried to understand it too.

SORNA – 1 subchapter “H” tier one (15 years) has nothing to do with me. . . . . I should have an ACT 10 SORNA-2 subchapter “I” registration initial update. I did not get that today. I called Megan’s Law section and they said all is fine – and the registration today will be good for one year or they will let me know otherwise by a up date letter.